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9 Steps to Finding Industrial & Office Space for Sale or Lease

  1. Don’t rely on Real Estate signs in-front of buildings. Unfortunately, signs are not always accurate. Agents may use a sign to get tenants and buyers to their other listings.
  2. Tenant /buyer should make a wish list of important features they require in an office space and features they want but can live without.
  3. Take the time to research the best commercial agents in the area. Tenant/buyer should choose an agent who knows the market and the landlords so key points can be negotiated effectively.
  4. Ask the RIGHT questions. Make a list and carry it with you. Tenant/buyer will need to know size, location, description of properties, timing, budget, etc.
  5. Tenant / buyer should start their search EARLY – Talk with your Realtor at least 12 months early to discuss strategy. A transaction could take 30 -180 days depending on improvements and other factors.
  6. Good communication between tenant/buyer and the agent are key to narrow down the property options. This promotes efficiency.
  7. Take a tour of the top 3 – 5 properties. Too many properties in one day can become overwhelming.
  8. Choose the best 1-3 properties. A good Realtor will leverage the properties against each other for the best deal which could save the tenant thousands of dollars.
  9. Finding the property is just a part of it. The negotiations and contracts could be complicated. A good Commercial realtor will help navigate through the process which could save thousands.