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Construction Terms – Shells & Build-outs

It is important to understand the various stages of construction build-outs that may be presented to buyers and/or tenants on spaces they intend to buy or lease.  Below are four different build out types: 1.Grey Shell – is completely ‘unfinished’ such as bare walls, unfinished concrete floors or no floors at all with plumbing and/or […]

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Seven Do’s and Don’ts of Social Media

BUSINESS SOCIAL MEDIA Dos and DON’T’S Social Media is a great way to drive more traffic to your company’s website.  Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are three of the most influential social networks.  One must really be mindful of social media ‘etiquette’   when marketing your business. Below is a list of 7 do’s and don’ts: Do […]

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Creative Work Space – Vital to the Creative Work Process

What do Phoenix, Arcadia & Scottsdale have in common?  They are areas rich in the arts and in supporting local artists.  There is a growing need for commercial space for artists, technology and marketing companies to produce, show and sell their work.  Research from different areas around the U.S. shows that creative arts are a […]

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