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8 Reasons why Landlords Avoid Options to Renew

Many Landlords are reluctant to give tenants an Option to Renew a Commercial Lease for numerous reasons.  Such options can limit the Landlord’s flexibility far into the future. Listed below are some of the reasons why a Landlord may avoid the Option to Renew clause: Limits landlord’s ability to redevelop or release the building or […]

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Selecting a Property Management Company

Selecting a property management company is crucial for effectively running a property and maximizing revenue. A good property management company can actually bring down the cost of maintaining a building by leveraging their vendor contacts to create economies of scale. They can make the ownership process run smoothly and can help to avoid many problems […]

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COMMERCIAL LEASES – The Differences……

There are three basic types of commercial leases.  Each type centers around the base rent and the way the operating expenses are passed down to the tenant. Full Service Lease – A full service lease will typically include the utilities, property taxes and janitorial services in the rental rate. This type of lease is commonly […]

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