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Creative Work Space – Vital to the Creative Work Process

Courtesy of Theresa Lillian @theresalillian.comWhat do Phoenix, Arcadia & Scottsdale have in common?  They are areas rich in the arts and in supporting local artists.  There is a growing need for commercial space for artists, technology and marketing companies to produce, show and sell their work.  Research from different areas around the U.S. shows that creative arts are a key component to economic development and a huge revenue generator.  Yet, there are commercial spaces that go underutilized and remain empty for months.  The time has come to pair these two groups together and to target the creative arts market.  Fine artists, marketing & technology companies, performing art and community art centers are evolving and growing in our communities. What kind of space would best fit the needs of this group?

Below is a list of the top ten space specifications considered for the creative office space market:

  1. Great Location – easy access to freeways, major roads, foot traffic
  2. Warehouse/Industrial space with modern conveniences (electric, air-conditioning, internet)
  3. Large windows with plenty of light or capacity for professional lighting
  4. High ceilings and/or exposed ceilings
  5. Reinforced floors with large open space
  6. Loading docks for movement of  large format art such as sculptures & 3-dimensional work
  7. Office space  with multiple workstations and showroom
  8. Kitchen, meeting or conference room & bathrooms
  9. Outdoor Lighting
  10. Appropriate  zoning

It is a fact that the environment is critical in the creative process. The work space is considered an extension and expression of the company’s own uniqueness.  Having a great space to work in not only influences and encourages creativity but it serves as a platform to showcase the art form and to help maximize profits.  Whether it is fine art, technology or marketing, finding unique creative space in non-traditional places, such as warehouses, open office space and industrial property is the trend for the future.