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Seven Do’s and Don’ts of Social Media


Social Media is a great way to drive more traffic to your company’s website.  Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are three of the most influential social networks.  One must really be mindful of social media ‘etiquette’   when marketing your business. Below is a list of 7 do’s and don’ts:

  1. Do post your listings while paying attention to  the ‘timing’.  Posting one or two a week intertwined with other posts is a good rule to follow.
  2.  Don’t post updates or comments offending or shocking people.  For example, mentioning religious, political or moral views can turn people off and lose business. Think before you press the ‘share’ button.
  3. Do Share other useful information from time to time – blogs and articles from other real estate professionals, personal photos and events that showcase your personality and help to ‘humanize’ you to your audience.
  4.  Don’t pay others to like your pages or leave fabricated reviews.   Most social networks have policies prohibiting such activity.  There are many other ways to capture your audience.
  5.  Do advertise on Facebook or Twitter.  There is a charge for this service but it is a great way to highlight your business and engage more people interested in your business.
  6.  Don’t ignore comments and replies to your posts.  It is better to keep on top of what others are saying (even if it is negative) by responding. You can form individual relationships and identify potential leads for business by keeping engaged with your audience.  A simple reply goes a long way.
  7.  Do post ‘accurate’ photos and videos of your space.  According to Facebook, posts with images or video have an 87% engagement rate.

These are just a few suggestions to keep in mind when utilizing the social media platforms to help build your business.   If you use a common sense approach, you will have a greater chance of being successful!


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