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Staging Commercial Space

Original Artwork @

Original Artwork by Theresa Lillian

Staging can be a great way to maximize leasing and sales potential. Renting furniture and art to fill an office can affect the perceived value of that space. It can also help clients to see the various layouts and options that are possible. Sometimes it is difficult for a tenant to look at an empty space and see it as a productive work environment. Hanging large pieces of art and adding key pieces of furniture like desks & workstations can transform an empty office into a space that makes logical sense for the client’s own business.

There are staging companies that offer many services to help stage your commercial space. You can rent furniture for certain time periods. There are many artists and art galleries that rent paintings, sculptures and prints. The rental fees depend on the size and style of furniture/artwork and the amount of time you rent them. Framed prints start at $25 per month. Office furniture begins at $95 per month. There is also the option to purchase the furniture and art should your client be interested!

Effective staging can add significant value to the space. By creating a functional and visually appealing work space, you can increase the probability of a successful real estate transaction. For further information, contact artist Theresa Lillian at