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The ‘Instant’ Office

The ‘instant/virtual office’ and ‘co-working spaces’ are cropping up everywhere.  It is sometimes difficult to lease space when you are a new or start-up company with little or no idea of growth patterns or exact company needs.  The instant office allows a company to have all of the necessities while testing the waters. Regus and Deskhub are two companies that offer this type of flexible office space.  Below is a sample of the options available:

  1. Access to fully equipped meeting rooms and private offices for the day
  2. On-site Receptionist
  3. Dedicated business address and phone number
  4. Private or shared workspace, for any number of people
  5. Printers, scanners and photocopiers
  6. Telephone Answering
  7. Mail Handling
  8. Professional atmosphere

Whether you are starting a new company or in need of a temporary or short-term office environment, the ‘Instant Office’ could be a great economic solution.  Reduce your fixed costs by paying only for the space you need when you need it! When seeking out this type of office, always use a representing broker as they may be able to negotiate a better deal for the tenant.