11 Fun things to Do in Arizona During a Pandemic

Commercial Real Estate is my passion and my career for over 20 years. I love what I do and look forward to finding new real estate opportunities every day.  However, I also like to get out and have some fun. This is a bit more challenging with Covid. Here are 11 things I like to do in these crazy times:

  1. STREAM MOVIES through Amazon or Netflix.
  2. Invite family and friends to a ZOOM CALL and get to visit and catch up.
  4. GO TO THE DRIVE-IN – theater in Mesa, Glendale & Queen Creek are op.  Westworld of Scottsdale offers pop-up screening events.
  5. Local music bands are offering drive in shows – check out local bands on social media to see what their schedules are
  6. Cruise the Zoo – Phoenix zoo is offering visitors a drive through experience where they can see lions, giraffes and cheetahs as they drive through the grounds without ever leaving the car.
  7. Online Music classes – Musical Instrument Museum is office music classes and craft classes where you can make your own instrument at home.  Cost varies
  8.  Enjoy a family at-home activity or project.  The Children’s Museum has dozens of DIY ideas ranging from yoga to water bottle bowling.
  9. Enjoy the Desert Botanical Gardens where most of the scenic trails are open to explore with safety precautions.  By reservations only.  Everyone 6 or older must wear a face covering.
  10. Visit Arizona Falls – a hidden gem located in the Phoenix Arcadia neighborhood. A natural 20-foot drop on the Arizona canal creates a beautiful waterfall with built-in water features.
  11. Play golf or Tennis– For Golf, it is easy to do as everyone gets their own cart and can easily stay 10 feet away from the other players. Lots of summertime specials throughout the Phoenix and Scottsdale area. Tennis – is another great sport where one can keep social distance from one another.
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