7 Ways to Get your Building Ready for Sale to Get Top Dollar!

In order to get top dollar for your building, there are basic tasks that should be accomplished. Although it may seem obvious, too often these basic necessities get overlooked. As a result, buyers see opportunity to negotiate down the price. Below are 7 ways to get your building ready for sale to get top dollar!

  1. Paint exterior  – updated and neutral color.
  2. Landscaping – create fresh and clean impression by replacing dead plants, removing weeds, and adding rock. Replant grass if necessary.
  3. Paint interior – it is best to use a clean, neutral color 
  4. Remove clutter – Get rid of old papers, trash and any additional furniture – Less is more and it opens up the area to look more spacious.  
  5. Service air conditioning units. This is one of the 2 items that always comes up in inspections and renegotiations – You can get the current a/c’s in good working order or you can replace them with new units. If that is not possible, you can offer credit for 50% of the air conditioning units that are beyond repair bypassing any renegotiations.  
  6. Service and repair roof – this is another major item buyer’s use to renegotiate during feasibility period. Make sure roof has at least ½ of its useful life left.
  7. Price it right – get the right experienced agent to make sure it goes out to market at a competitive rate. Too low and you may be leaving money on the table. Too high, it can get stagnant.