8 Reasons Scottsdale is an Ideal Industrial Investment

Whether you are ready to start a new business, move an existing business, Scottsdale Arizona is a prime location. Listed below are 8 reasons why Scottsdale is an ideal location for industrial investment:

  1. Strategic Location: Scottsdale’s proximity to major transportation routes including freeways (101, 1-17, 1-51, 1-10, 202), housing and numerous airports makes it an ideal location to conduct business.  
  2.  Growing Economy: Scottsdale is part of a robust economy. It is driven by technology, healthcare, tourism, and manufacturing. This creates a favorable environment for industrial investment with steady demand for warehousing, distribution and manufacturing.
  3. Business-Friendly: Easy to conduct business with low taxes, friendly business policies, supportive local government, streamlined permitting process and business incentives makes it attractive for industrial investors.
  4.  Skilled labor: Scottsdale has a highly skilled and educated workforce with proximity to leading universities, technical schools and training programs.
  5. Quality infrastructure:  Modern utilities and facilities support efficient industrial operations and enhance productivity.
  6. Proximity to consumer markets: growing population and e-commerce demand offer access to expanding consumer bases.
  7. Favorable Climate: Scottsdale offers sunny weather which reduces operational costs and minimizes weather related disruptions.
  8. Lifestyle and amenities: Scottsdale offers a progressive quality of life, recreational options, and cultural activities which attracts a variety of  businesses and employees.