8 Effective Ways to List Your Commercial Property by Telling the CORRECT Story

Whether leasing or selling your commercial building, it is crucial to find a listing person who will go above and beyond to ensure a successful transaction. Each property has a story attached to it. The broker needs to convey that story in a creative and meaningful way to reach their target market.  It is important to market the property aggressively to the Right Buyer or Tenant for maximum return.  Listed below are some of the marketing strategies to attract Tenants and Buyers to your listing:

  1. Personal property website – optimized for Google and Youtube
  2. Flyers/Brochures with cutting edge graphics to tell the story
  3. Buildout, Loopnet & Costar – Databases that are available to other brokerages and the public
  4. Craigslist – Local listing of available properties searchable on the Internet
  5. Email Campaigns to area Brokers and Past Client calls
  6. Old fashion Door to Door Canvasing – getting the word out to local businesses and tenants that your property is available.
  7. Advertising in local trade magazines and online publications
  8. Hold open houses or events which target the right buyers or tenants and further tells the property’s story.

In order to sell or lease quickly, your listing broker should market your space utilizing a variety of strategies.  There should be great communication between the both of you and you should be able to see results.