Barrett Jackson – 7 Reasons it is Scottsdale’s #1 Auto Event

  1. The world’s greatest classic car auction is held every year right here in Scottsdale! Barrett-Jackson Auction Company has been holding auctions for more than 50 years!
  2. The live auctions house some the most sought-after classic cars and vehicles from the top American automakers. 
  3. The auction is also televised nationally and internationally with an audience of millions.
  4. More than 500,000 people attend all four auctions which are held in Arizona, Nevada, Florida and Texas.  
  5. According to Barret Jackson,  in a study done in 2020, the auction generated $244.1 million in overall sales
  6. According to an economic impact study, the auction company generated nearly $168 million for the state in 2016.
  7. The event has created over 1,400 jobs in construction and tourism activities.

The next Scottsdale auction will be held January 22 – 30, 2022 at Westworld of Scottsdale.